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Warren Ellis (author of Transmetropolitan and Freakangels amongst other great and freaky shit,) has a podcast of mostly ambient stuff called The 4am. He included “ennui” (aka “that i would find you” aka “sinister chemical wisdom”) in the latest podcast.

Warren Ellis » The 4am: 21 – Sleep Department.



Guess who’s back? Tell a friend, tell a friend, tell a friend


It’s the return of the giant link-list email newsletter thing, now consolidated into a blog post for yourmy convenience. Would anyone be interested in an occasional mix-CD?

Bacon. A food so delicious that the bible forbids it. Sin with me: bacon cupcakes, Mike Nelson of Mystery Science Theater 3000 commits suicide by bacon, bacon explosion, get that bacon out of your teeth with bacon floss, chocolate bacon and the coup de bacon, candied bacon ice cream

File under “and people say I’m hard to shop for”: happy vagina t-shirts, aquarium toilet, check out the speakers on her, vagina perfume

File under “like goldy, but with iron”: Catholic church needs to read the bible more, apparently

Questions are a burden to others, answers a prison for oneself: http://www.cliqueclack.com/tv/2009/01/07/the-prisoner-is-free-and-online/

Science! It works, bitches! : Tattoo changes color with glucose levels.

Rob wants to give you a high five!

So…about that salmonella peanut butter: bird shit.

Freebase caffeine

There are no words for Starfish hitler

Science makes a mermaid.

i have no title and i must post


So. Phlebotomy came back: drink more water. Otherwise I am healthy as a horse.

Been listening to lots of Jeff Buckley lately and playing some on guitar or at least I was until….

The daddy thing. It’s still something I’m having a hard time believing. I mean it’s like the polar opposite of when a bad sudden thing happens — like when there’s a car crash or someone dies or your true love breaks your heart and you cannot believe it — I’m still having a hard time wrapping my head around it. Today the Mrs needed a bit of a break so I took her side of the bed next to the crib and let her rest and I still look over and play with his nose and the forehead while he sleeps and coos and twitters and it’s slowly sinking in that I am the cause of and responsible for a tiny little life. It is awesome and brutal.