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So last night I hit Grand Central in downtown Miami w/ Cira, met Bunny and Eden for ODDSAC, the Animal Collective/Danny Perez visual album. Ran into Prem and Yasmin on the way in, but they didn’t get in until later. Bunny and Ed introduced us to Emily (not Public Emily #1, Bunny’s Mrs., but another one; electronic musician. Seemed nice, but quiet and disappeared when we got inside.) The merch table had shirts and a poster (that Deakin apologetically said was for display purposes only, as they’d run out.) Producer comes on, says welcome, here’s Danny the director, he says how much he digs MIA and he’s got fam from here and it’s a weird place and here’s a movie to take you to another weird place. (I am paraphrasing.)

It’s probably slightly impossible to classify the damn thing. It’s not a video set to AC music, and it’s not a movie w/ an AC soundtrack. The music’s really bass-heavy in parts, heavy atmospheric and trance bits, acoustic guitar and sudden dynamic shifts, vocals etc. So great. The visuals are chaotic and have a vague series of “stories” or “sections” — they’re more like video vignettes to accompany these soundscapes. The addition of the visuals makes the music less vague and more defined “dark”, imo. A lot of AC’s latter stuff has dark overtones but this makes it more explicit. There were a few things I could have done without — the “water static” scene about 10 minutes in went on too long, I found it kind of grating and boring, but that’s probably my only real complaint. The opening piece, bass-heavy and vocal, sort of like a trance-y meditation

During the Q&A period afterwards someone asks the question I am wanting to ask: “What does ODDSAC mean?” and Danny says “you’ll find out in the morning when the subliminal effects have had time to sink in”, everyone laughs and someone else asks about the equipment (DVX100, final cut pro, after effects,) and someone asks the most insipid question: “how much fun was this to make?” (which is maybe another way to say “I have nothing to ask but would like you to acknowledge that I spoke to you”) — unsurprisingly, it was apparently a lot of fun to make. I’m going to posit that the title is way to conflate the ideas of a jumble of oddness and a sort of nascent strange egg (cf Coil’s “Strange Birds”“One day your eggs are going to hatch and some very strange birds are going to emerge”, although I don’t think that’s what they were referring or alluding to, I mean that it’s in the similar idea.) Other bits: the Guggenheim installation was apparently much, much harder to do than this (Danny Perez also did that w/ AC), although the dude asking also wanted to know if they had plans to do more work like this (or the Guggenheim thing) in the future, that was left sort of open — Deakin said that Guggenheim thing was a sudden thing they didn’t know about until it was possible; no word on whether they’d do another visual album like this.

At any rate, Danny’s joke aside, I did have a horrible nightmare this morning. Personally very frightening and woke heart pounding and angry and confused, woozy and headache.

Here’s the trailer, doesn’t do it any justice:

If you get a chance, go, it’s fucking brilliant. It’ll be on DVD in June, no non-DVD CD release.

sinister chemical wisdom


Ennui by yukbon
I made this using a mixer i got for 50$ via craigslist, my tele, audacity and the onboard mic on my netbook (couldn’t get my mic/cable back from eden in time) last week. Reading Xibie’s words put me in a Jesu mood, but the music that came out was very much not that. But I like it, so there you have it. The Good Witch said it reminded her of Aphex, and both she and Kat thought that the laughing was my voice (it’s a sample), Eden said it reminded him of GYBE! if they were a 1-man-band consisting of the guitarist who didn’t get into the band (uh…thanks ed?).

Wherein it is confirmed that I am a horrible person


CLME over at ye olde penismightier independently confirms that I am a bad person. 

So the thing is, I love Warren Ellis’ work. At least that which I have read, which is honestly mostly “Transmetropolitan”. But when you run across a masterwork, you know it. And so he has a journal. And in that journal, Warren did a very bad thing.
Seriously, that thing is the most horrible thing ever. 

I knew him, Horatio.


Writer David Foster Wallace found dead – Los Angeles Times

Infinite Jest, to me, in 1997 or so when I read it, was a life-changing thing. It’s this huge monstrocity of a book and I don’t remember where I got it. I saw DFW on The Charlie Rose show (skip to the 23 minute mark) and he was just so undeniably himself and trying not to be false (particularly in his discussion on the effect that David Lynch’s Blue Velvet had on him) that I went out and bought IJ and immediately started reading it and fell into it.

It was one of the things that helped keep me together during a couple of tough times. A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again had me in stitches and his mathematical writing (A History of Infinity) is too smart for me, really, but totally fascinating.

It would be a mockery to say that I’ll miss him — I’m sure I’ve never been within 500 miles of him, don’t even know anyone that knew him — but his writing changed my writing, my perception of what writing could be and how you could put yourself in it. So the world is sadder and dumber without him in it.

Here’s a PDF of his fairly short piece Consider The Lobster.
Here’s his commencement speech at Kenyon.
Here’s his review of a dictionary (yes, really).
His piece “The Depressed Person”, in Harper’s.
Here’s the best fansite I’ve found: The Howling Fantods.

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