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Warren Ellis (author of Transmetropolitan and Freakangels amongst other great and freaky shit,) has a podcast of mostly ambient stuff called The 4am. He included “ennui” (aka “that i would find you” aka “sinister chemical wisdom”) in the latest podcast.

Warren Ellis » The 4am: 21 – Sleep Department.

sinister chemical wisdom


Ennui by yukbon
I made this using a mixer i got for 50$ via craigslist, my tele, audacity and the onboard mic on my netbook (couldn’t get my mic/cable back from eden in time) last week. Reading Xibie’s words put me in a Jesu mood, but the music that came out was very much not that. But I like it, so there you have it. The Good Witch said it reminded her of Aphex, and both she and Kat thought that the laughing was my voice (it’s a sample), Eden said it reminded him of GYBE! if they were a 1-man-band consisting of the guitarist who didn’t get into the band (uh…thanks ed?).

recent song titles


the fish that got away
thrush to go
god knows, xxxxx
the bad man’s prayer

i’m still writing ‘the fish that got away’.

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this one’s called "god knows, *****"


what do you want
misbegotten whore
your every word like something fetid
another abortion
scraped from the drooling maw of your cunt-mouth
you never tire
of hurting the ones around you
you set the hooks deep, god knows
god knows
you played the victim so often
you forgot it was a part
the world doesn’t owe you,
god knows.

I really must talk to Aik about getting him to drum, if only for just this song.

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the original obscenity


d 5
a ..0
e ….4 5 000

D A 0055xx

Reading pratchett, he does go on about humanism and what humanity means. One of my favorite things he’s ever said (or written) is about how all sin boils down to treating people as things. Rape, murder, theft — they all boil down to “you’re not a person, you’re just another thing I can use to get what I want”.

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Set Theory Primer


I just stumbled on a site about Set Theory Primer as it relates to music theory. Which reminds me of my favorite story about music I wrote that no one ever heard.

Bunny called me up, “hey there’s a gallery opening, we’re doing a music/performance/installation — the theme of the gallery is Summerian/Babylonian art, they’re showing some pieces etc etc”

I dig Sumer, cradle of civilization etc etc and I’ve read through Snow Crash so I know just a bit more than nothing about their language construction (atonal glosolalia? or some shit. doesn’t matter, i’m not writing poetry). So I look up Summerian music. Turns out it uses a 60-tone scale. Because I am S-M-R-T smart, I figure OK, I can make music akin to atonal 12-tone theory pieces, but I have to use 1/2 and 1/4 microtones (ie, bends and half-bends) and viola, 12-tone automagically becomes 60-tone. So I write this long droning piece in an open D tuning and because it would be a bitch to be bending whole chords (although you get some really awesome dissonances, some sonic youth/glenn branca shit going on where the notes beat against each other in the air) I go and get me a slide. So it’s like this blues hawaiian indian drone monster thing. It’s made of pure, concentrated awesome.

And then the day of the show, come to find out they go on an hour before they said they would and also that the music has been relegated to the alley behind the gallery. Which is OK, since that’s where the party people’s at anyway. Ran into solo and other people from the wayback.

that bad bad man, stagolee


maybe remaking stagger lee to be about delia day? the grateful dead’s version names delia as billy’s woman….hmmmm….

capo II:
Em11 -> E shuffle, B7, G

Em11 000000

switch to

E – E7 / E7b5 – Bb13
xx2100 – xx2103 / xx0100 – xx0103

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new song, "oh"


G / / / Cm / / / G / / / Cm / / /
oh don’t you go oh won’t you oh

Dsus4 D Dsus2 G / / / Cm9/x33543
look at me when you say goodbye

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do you always look so angry when driving?


A slide to x 0 11 x x x

d 2-11-9-11- chord x 0 11 9 9 x
a 0–0-0–0-

x 0 7 7 7 x x cascade on the e and b strings :
e 10 8 7
b ——–10 8 7
g —————–9

then E (VII) then D (V) chords then i don’t know


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