Guess who’s back? Tell a friend, tell a friend, tell a friend


It’s the return of the giant link-list email newsletter thing, now consolidated into a blog post for yourmy convenience. Would anyone be interested in an occasional mix-CD?

Bacon. A food so delicious that the bible forbids it. Sin with me: bacon cupcakes, Mike Nelson of Mystery Science Theater 3000 commits suicide by bacon, bacon explosion, get that bacon out of your teeth with bacon floss, chocolate bacon and the coup de bacon, candied bacon ice cream

File under “and people say I’m hard to shop for”: happy vagina t-shirts, aquarium toilet, check out the speakers on her, vagina perfume

File under “like goldy, but with iron”: Catholic church needs to read the bible more, apparently

Questions are a burden to others, answers a prison for oneself:

Science! It works, bitches! : Tattoo changes color with glucose levels.

Rob wants to give you a high five!

So…about that salmonella peanut butter: bird shit.

Freebase caffeine

There are no words for Starfish hitler

Science makes a mermaid.

Guess who’s back, back again. Tell a friend, tell a friend, tell a friend.


Hey Ladies, he’s 22 and single:

I cannot stop singing and dancing along to the Wombat’s “Let’s Dance to Joy Division”:

Everything old is new again, part 9843: V TV series to be remade:

Previously on LOST: What?

Hey, remember Silence of the Lambs? Great Movie, huh? Remember when Clarice tries to bribe Hannibal Lecter by promising him a reassignment to Plum Island, home to Animal Disease Studies? Hey, guess what’s in the news!?

I have been listening to JWZ’s mixtapes pretty exclusively for the last week or so. They are made of 100% pure awesome. They are in fact, how I found that “let’s dance to joy division” song. In the admittedly unlikely case that you were wondering who JWZ is, if you’re using Mozilla/Firefox, he’s responsible for that.

I may have, once or twice, mentioned how awesome I think Phillip K. Dick’s short stories are. Have I mentioned that he was fucking crazy?

I love old world maps, especially old world maps of the old world. Wait, that came out wrong. Anyway, here’s a cool site all about strange maps:

Awesome? AWESOME:

ripoff or art?


Common Ties, a post-postsecret site. or something. instead of postcards, it’s stories and pictures tied together. mostly sad, so far.

new and last email thing, I guess.


So the email thing I send out got two bounce-backs from AOL users (you know who you are). So I have decided to skip the emails and just put this shit up on a blog. Enjoy — or don’t, whatever. If you would like to see the other “mails” that I sent out (which they no longer are, I guess) and don’t want to go through your email, click on the “email newsletter thing” tag on the right hand side and that’ll take you to the other posts that I have labeled as such.

If you would still rather be emailed, let me know and I’ll set something automagic up for you or something enter your email address in the lower-right hand box for that sorta thing. It’s run by feedburner and I do not keep (or know) your email address, so I won’t be able to use it for anything.

The 6 Most Terrifying Foods in the World:
Seriously, it’s horrifying.


MightyMon found this and I will forever be thankful:

deep fried things that ought not to be deep fried:

porn on blu-ray signals the coffin nails for HD-DVD: — this is actually more prevalent than most people realize; the porn industry informally choosing VHS over BETAMAX is what signaled the death-knell for Beta, really. And it was the invention of online porn that led to the “common man” deeper into the interwebaolnetnet. Porn and tech advances go hand in hand, no matter how old the tech is.

I will give a special surprise gift to anyone who actually prints this out and sends me a picture of them wearing it:

Today’s cockle-warming story is not so much about heart-warming but actually about boob-cooling:

I usually get my way by being the most patient motherfucker in the world, and if that doesn’t work then I am more of a prick, but I suppose this could be a useful way of dealing with annoying customer service:

Lord of the Rings, if Tolkien had been diabetic:

A game popular for centuries.




fuck you for shitting on the constitution you fucking fuck:

actually kind of catchy

not what you think:×768/dreamclubSq1024.jpg

minotaur having a breakdown in a public bathroom: very creepy and yet full of pathos. Also, hey, Einsturzende Neubaten that has melody, instead of dudes hitting shopping carts with rebar.

Some friends of mine recently won an award for a film they put together for MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art, for you philistines). See the very short film at

An idea whose time has come: Wiki Cookbooks admittedly, not as good as abuelita’s cooking, but hey, something’s better than nothing.

I know it makes me a bad person, but I can’t help but laugh at

…and the moral of the story is: don’t get bare with bears with beer.

if you’re any kind of artist or creative person, you should see the potential in this:

Here is a picture of a tiger feeding piglets. I am attaching it specifically for Silvia, because I said I would. I don’t remember why, but well, there it is.

I don’t know, but it looks freaky:

make your own non-newtownian fluid:
…wait, you don’t know what a non-newtownian fluid is? see or or creepiest of all:

origami for asthmatic kids:

You may have seen it already, but god, it just hurts to watch someone be this stupid in public: “Well I believe that US Americans can’t, um, do that, find America on a map, because, I believe, some people don’t have maps, and, our education, like South Africa – and countries in Asia – we should help them. South Africa and those Asian countries, we should help educate them.” — Miss Teen USA 2007, South Carolina

so, latest email thing


Seriously, HOLY FUCKING SHIT: Man, I don’t know if the google dorks are geniuses or psychos, but that’s firmly in both lands. Check out the South Beach one. A geek-news site has discussion on the privacy aspects of it:

So THAT’s what I’ve been doing wrong:

Laugh, it’s good for you:

Clothing. Made of condoms.

Politically, I’m not so much FOR the democratic party as I am AGAINST the republican party. In that spirit, please read Matt Taibi’s latest article, which is a FUCK YOU to both democratic and republican parties:

Jesus Christ Supershark:

I am a prankster. I appreciate the art behind it. I have to rein that in though, because I tend to just go straight for OH MY FUCKING GOD levels of revenge. But let’s witness someone else’s prank: ah, butter on the floor. a true classic. simple and cheap.

Who knows, this shit might come in handy one day:

I am seriously considering going to Wisconsin JUST to see this:

Hey, yeah, memorial day, right: Personally, my old man was in Vietnam, and he threatened to lock me in a loony bin if I ever joined the Armed Forces. Hey, who am I to disagree?

TETRIS ice cubes:

Make your own Pinocchio:

Pictures on your wrist:

Hey, that’s a neat sculpture:

Wow, chili sauce:


And to finish, first an explanation of LOLCAT from the venerable WikiPedia:
and now that you know what LOLCAT is, please to be enjoying the LOLCAT site du jour:

15 reasons Mr Rogers rocked:


hey, don’t get lost:

"There’s only one rule that I know of, babies — ‘God damn it, you’ve got to be kind.’

I’m bored and it’s been at least a week since I’ve mailed most of you, so you get a generic mail that is bound to entertain you at least as long as it takes you to hit delete.

The subject is a quote from Kurt Vonnegut’s “Goodbye Mr Rosewater”. Vonnegut died this week and if you’re not familiar with his writing, your life is sadder for it. You’ve seen back to school, the Rodney Dangerfield 80’s piece of shit movie? Remember when he hires a guy to write a term paper about Kurt Vonnegut and the professor says “whoever wrote this paper doesn’t know anything about Kurt Vonnegut” ? The dude who Dangerfield hires to write the paper — that’s Kurt Vonnegut.

So last week I spoke to my lawyer/guitarist friend and it turns out that he and his wife are so freaked out about pet food killing their dogs that she’s taken to cooking food for them and giving him dogfood. I’ll miss you bro — can I have your guitars? Turns out that making your own pet food is perhaps not that hard:

I found that last link at the ever-“oh-neat!”-inducing site,

Incredibly funny and horrifying at the same time: it’s not true, it’s satire damn it. i know someone that I’ll email this to will need that explained.)

dumbest legal battle ever:

saddest kermit ever (also a must-see for Nine Inch Nails fans, this means you Robert):

Getting off a government watch list:

“NATURE IS A LANGUAGE CAN’T YOU READ?”, or Continuing a theme, part deux:
(part one is:

If you like postsecret ( if you don’t know what I’m talking about) then you maybe wanna hit up the live expo here in miami ..

This goes to my neo-hippie peeps (you know who you are,) :

Better brains through science:

And I’ll leave you with a bad joke: what do vegeterian zombies crave? GRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAINNSSSS…..