i have no title and i must post


So. Phlebotomy came back: drink more water. Otherwise I am healthy as a horse.

Been listening to lots of Jeff Buckley lately and playing some on guitar or at least I was until….

The daddy thing. It’s still something I’m having a hard time believing. I mean it’s like the polar opposite of when a bad sudden thing happens — like when there’s a car crash or someone dies or your true love breaks your heart and you cannot believe it — I’m still having a hard time wrapping my head around it. Today the Mrs needed a bit of a break so I took her side of the bed next to the crib and let her rest and I still look over and play with his nose and the forehead while he sleeps and coos and twitters and it’s slowly sinking in that I am the cause of and responsible for a tiny little life. It is awesome and brutal.