dream 13dec08


there’s a house, concrete and a bit of grass i am outside between the house and the fence of the next house and there’s a bike chase and a car chase through what feels like the old church on westward or maybe the police station in VG and then there’s a diff house or diff aspect of same house feels dark dry kind of shack-like with rickety stairs etc and i leave and things happen i don’t remember now but walking down sidewalk on westward and suddenly b is there or mentioned and suddenly part pf the group we’re in? and she’s married or marrying this guy whose name is john buttersbtu (even in the dream i’m like “wtf is up with that name is it an anagram?” and i am fucking racking my brain going “what’s wrong with that name dammit”) and at some point with very minimal speaking i communicate w/ her that she’s not actually on my shit list anymore and we’re not buddy-buddy but at least the mood lightens in the dream and we all walk into a restaurant (or it could be Scoops the icecream joint) — doesn’t matter, we don’t order or eat or anything, all these places are just scenery mostly — and she tells me she’s been sick and i say yes i heard about the heart she says no no like throwing up and upset stomach sick all day and i say well shit maybe you have morning pregnancy i mean morning sickness (even in the dream i am a clutz and prone to spoonerisms) and cut to i am back at the shack but outside and leading to a different adjoining house whose interior feels japanese in it’s sparseness, but american in deisgn if that makes sense and there’s like an art show but filled to the brim with weapons and this feels coincidental until midgets (they look like children, but they are so not children) start a takeover coup thing and we’re just fucking running and it’s me, vij and two other dudes and we’re on foot and then acquire an suv and they drop me in my neighborhood and i’m walking the three blocks to my place when i notice i am by b’s house (i am standing by mailbox, letters say ‘john buttersbtu’ and ‘elizabeth buttersbtu’) and i am kinda weirded out that they live like 2 blocks from me and i think of our kids playing together AND THEN CUT straight back to the shop and she steps out and comes back w/ an ept and shaking her head ‘no’ and i say ‘well it usually takes like 6 weeks to even be able to tell on one of those, but they are like 99.999 accurate’ and she is both sad and relieved and i am a blank slate nothing showing and cut back to chase scene and i am sneaking into the shack so the evil pigmy midget kids don’t know i’m on to them or clue in to me being armed to the teeth and intent on fucking up their day and i am halfway up the shack house stairs (the whole house is basically room and then stairs-to-next-room, structurally unsound but securitywise easy to defend) and their plot can be unravelled by basically going to the last room and knocking out this transmitter thing and i am halfway through when they catch on and i’m in a room with just a couple of old people and i know the rest of the way is clear i just want to keep the position from being taken and i am by the door keeping them out and the old woman is offering me sweets from a bag and all i have to do is keep the door closed and those dudes are fucked no way in and i wake up

seriously if you know what this dream is about, help a brother out. perhaps influence of the full moon.