running up the hill backwards


let’s do bullet points this time:

  • i posted on facebook about the skullstick and mama sunflower asked for it and picked it up within two hours. sun was less than happy about this, afterwards — “thanks for giving a cursed thing to my mom dave”
  • i have resurrected a mac (well the drive anyway, the mac itself is fucked but i might make it workable if i can find a mobo for it (unlikely!) and then a new drive.
  • today i did not go to the book fair, but on the other hand i did get the joy of fixing a flat (two punctures!) and fixing-ish a kitchen faucet that would not turn off.i now know more about faucets than i used to.
  • i have a lack-of-caffeine headache.
  • i had a 2 hours on-and-off IM conversation w/ baid about her cervix, her pussy in general (and i’m not talking titilating convo here, i’m talking “perhaps you mistook me for a gyno”) and her menstrual accessory preferrence (cups, surprisingly, not plugs or pads.)
  • cleaned house. this is actually my favorite thing i have accomplished this week. the disarray was really getting to me. the living room is semi-sane now and the florida is getting there.
  • got into an argument w/ a classmate last tues and as of today it is resolved. which is good; i tend to brood and i’m glad i don’t need to anymore.