a plague for your dowry


xkcd’s strip today brings up house of leaves by mark z danielewski. which is a genius book. nightmare-causing, take your breath away reading, for real. some of the writing is not as poetic as say harlan ellison’s “speculative fiction” but it’s certainly more claustrophobically horrifying. i finished this book at the bar, the day before my last conversation with the woman i thought was the love of my life. still is? i don’t know. i stopped thinking about it. she’s still the love of my life, but now in the past tense I guess. It’s just one of those things where you associate something with what was happening — e.g. Aphex Twin’s “Selected Ambient Works II” 2nd disc is to me an incredibly erotic piece of music, just because of associations — and House of Leaves is just a picture of a raw gaping wound. It doesn’t hurt, but it reminds me that there was a tender part exposed and hurting.

So but what do you do? How do you just drop it? No one I know who’s gone through hellfire and brimstone can adequately explain. And it’s such a personal, subjective thing. If there’s a universal that I have found in this, it’s that people tend to pull back, reserve more of themselves and give less away. And that’s so horrible, so very sad. But I see it time and again in my friends, and I see it in myself. The nerve numbed, you learn that you don’t know what’s normal anymore, so you learn to not trust yourself to keep from getting hurt. 
Sterling and I ate sushi, a while ago, and we talked about it, again. Except this time she was sober because of the pregnancy, so this time she remembered it I think. And it boils down to: I know it’s not all my fault. But I feel like it is. I blame myself, even though I know it’s not like that. The bitch of it is, I am sure she blames me too. Which is galling, especially considering the condescending attitude she gave me when last we spoke. Really, that’s how I keep my anger going.
So yeah, this started as “look! comic link to awesome book!” and is now about me me me me. Well it’s my blog so fuck you if you don’t like it. Get yr own.
Enjoy this amazing and very entertaining speech by Malcom Gladwell on the lessons of happiness, self-knowlege and hidden desires inherent we can learn from spaghetti sauce:
Here’s some awesome music:
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