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I just heard, in quick succession:
Dylan trying to teach The Band “Po’ Lazarus” (it occured to me that po’ lazarus might be where part of the Stagolee mtyh gets it’s power),
the harry smith field recording of prisoners singing “po lazarus”,
dylan’s “goin’ to acapulco”
dylan’s “boots of spanish leather” (random cover from youtube: here…I have no idea who that is. actually, ignore that, here’s pix of dylan while the original plays:

I’m not – by any means – a huge dylan fanatic, but it occurs that the scorsese quote re: akira kurosawa about one being able to debate which works are Great and which are merely very very very good, would also apply to dylan’s songs.

I’m joining the RPM Challenge with Navel4Eve, here’s hoping it doesn’t suck. More info next month, wish me luck.

Yesterday, Vero called me up asking how I made my curry sauce (“uh, curry powder and sour cream. a little mayo if you want it tastier but that makes it fattier and greasier.”) and it reminded me that I have posted the recipe for my (world-famous) grilled cheese sammich before, but never here, so here it is:

get you:
3 cheeses — 2 slices of something white (say a meunster or swiss), 2 slices something yellow (cheddar or american) and about 3 spoonful’s worth of feta (bleu works too).
bread — sliced, i recommend rye.
1 tomato slice, 1/2″ thick (can be replaced by onion)
1 clove garlic
2 spoon’s worth of olive oil
optional: bacon, olives, mushrooms.

butter a slice of bread, drop half a spoonful of butter in a pan with 1 spoonful of olive oil, coat the bottom of the pan and then put the bread in it. medium-low heat — you’re gonna be here a while. put the meunster on the bread. get your tomato slice and poke out the slimy shit in it (seeds pulp etc) so that you have a tomato-spoke. lay on the muenster cheese and fill the empty tomato spokes with the feta. put the slices of cheddar on top of that. lay the other slice of bread on top and butter it. to ensure the cooking side doesn’t stick, shake the pan and the weight of the sandwich should shift it. while you wait for it to brown, take your garlic and slice it thin like you’ve been watchin’ goodfellas too much. flip yr sammich and press some of the garlic slices into the bread. while the raw side cooks, wait. sing a song or something. when it’s done, flip (so the garlic on top caramelizes a bit) and press the garlic slices that are left into the bread. drizzle half a teaspoon of olive oil on top and flip again, drizzle the oil that remains and serve. wait at least a minute before cutting it or you’re gonna get cheese soup. Which is hard to eat inside a sandwich.

you can replace (or augment) the feta with olives (or olive tapenade,) mushrooms and/or bacon.

If you made it right, it’s about an inch and a half thick, and a fucking hearty brick to keep your gut happy.

you want the tomato slice to be thick — about 1/2″ or so — so that the tomato itself doesn’t get hot. the cheese next to the bread will melt the feta, but if the tomato’s thick, it won’t cook very much and you will therefore have an island of cool, refreshing vegetable in a sea of molten deliciousness.

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  1. that sounds like a hell of a sandwich…i think you should come over and make one for me 🙂

    About Me, January 29, 2008
  2. oh mah sweet jesus. I’ll have to try it.

    Wini, September 23, 2010